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Featured Curator of the Week: DearMirah [dear-mirah]

Artist Lisa Solberg is a fashion magazine’s dream girl. She has been featured in Nylon, Elle, Monster Children, and Foam. Although she lives and works in downtown Los Angeles, Solberg has exhibited solo in galleries across the U.S. Her trademark is large-scale, expressionistic paintings

1. Destroyers D’eux-Mêmes (2012). Oil and acrylic. 2. Slit (2013). Oils. 3. Cobra (2010). Acrylic, oil, china marker, pencil, spray paint. 4. Red Eye (2013). Oils. 5. Andrej Pejic (2011). Acrylic, and oil. 6. Rabbit Punch (2011). Acrylic, and oil. 7. Camel Two (2010). Oil, ebony pencil, china marker, spray paint.

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